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All Clients are expected to complete a booking submission form* on our website booking page for appointments and or consultations. This form asks you all the important details regarding your tattoo needs and is crucial to your artist's understanding of what you're looking for in your tattoo design. 


This form should be filled out to completion, with the exception of the artist prompt if the artist is unknown. In cases such as this, we will use all the information provided to select the artist best suited for the work to guarantee quality work. 


If our artists need more details from you, additional information shall be requested upon receiving your submission form in our response email.


*Please allow 3-5 business days for a response to your initial request.

Emails will not be answered during closed hours or after hours of operation.


Consultations are booked through the website booking form with the artist of your choice or the artist best selected for the work based on the information provided in your booking form in the cases where the artist is unknown. 

Large tattoo projects such as sleeves (half/whole), back pieces, or anything the artist deems a consultation necessary, require a consultation. 

Consultations are in-person and in the studio. 

Consultations are free of charge and booked between the hours of 10:30 am - 12noon (subject to change based on artist availability though not guaranteed). The typical duration of a consultation is 15min - 1h long depending on the tattoo being discussed. 
At the end of a consultation with an artist, should clients wish to proceed with booking said artist’s time, a 200$ deposit is expected to be paid therein to secure the discussed appointment date and custom drawing.


Please be aware that your deposit is non-refundable.


The deposit serves two purposes; $100 of the deposit will go directly to the artist to cover the cost of design time and the design itself. This to ensure that the artwork may be protected and released to clients after completion and to compensate the artist for overtime as custom designs are worked on after hours on their own time. The second $100 holds your selected appointment slot on the calendar, goes towards the total quoted cost of the tattoo, and will go to the artist and studio upon canceling or a no-show regardless of notification. 


* The first set of minor requested changes to a custom design is complimentary. Major changes or complete reworks/redraws of a design shall come at additional costs determined by the artist. 


Should clients decide they do not want to go through with their appointment for any reason (ie. cancellation, last-minute notification/same-day cancellation, no-shows, simply changed mind, etc) clients forfeit the deposit in compensation for the artist and studios' lost time. 


The deposit can only be used for rescheduling purposes with 48h notification. 


In the event of cancellation, please notify our artists 48h minimum before your appointment date.  Failure to notify, last-minute cancellations/same-day cancellations, and no-show appointments will result in the loss of deposit towards rescheduling a new appointment.

Should this occur, clients will be required to make a new deposit to hold a new appointment date and time.

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