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Frequently Asked Questions

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"Where is your studio?"

Our studio is located at 9005 Leslie Street in Richmond Hill at Unit #111.

We are at the end of the building opposite the Tim Horton's

"What's the first step to getting a tattoo?

The first step should be doing your research! This includes but is not limited to: what kind of style you want, which tattoo artist do you like, where do you want the placement to be, if you want colour etc. If you have any questions the internet is there to help! But if you don't find what you're looking for, you can always ask your local tattoo artist.

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"How much does a tattoo cost?"

Our shop minimum as of September of 2023 is $120 CAD. The price of tattoos can vary from the minimum to a few thousand dollars depending on the artist and the work that they do. Each artist determines their own rate based on their experience, skill level, and the cost of materials.

"Do you do piercings?"

As of right now, we do not have a piercer at Oblivion Ink. We may get one in the future, but we also cannot change the google description for Tattoo & Piercing Shop.

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"Will getting a tattoo hurt?"

Most likely. A majority of our artists use rotary machines, which are quieter and will cause less trauma to the skin of our clients. Ultimately how much it will hurt depends on your pain tolerance and how light or heavy your artist tattoos. Having a meal prior to your session will be sure that your body is able to endure the process and will keep your body sugar levels high.

"Why should I get my tattoo at this studio?"

As a private studio, a lot of care and effort goes into making flashes and customs that you wouldn't normally be able to just grab off the wall like in a typical walk-in shop. Our artists work to ensure the quality of our craft and the safety of our clients, and above all to make sure that the environment that we provide you is a safe and comfortable one. It is important to get a tattoo from a studio monitored by Toronto Public Health, they ensure that studios are taking the right steps to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. 

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"Are there health risks to getting a tattoo?"

There are always risks that come with any procedure that involves your body. This is why our artists are sure to follow health and safety procedures, and provide information to clients to keep them well informed.

"How do I take care of my new tattoo?"

Feel free to check our our tattoo aftercare page here!

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"Do you charge for a consulation?"

Nope! so feel free to send an email or message an artist from the shop with your idea!

"How much does it cost for a touch up?"

After the initial two weeks of healing, you have 4 weeks to message your artist and schedule a day for a free touch up. However if you go beyond the 4 weeks, we will have to charge the shop minimum of $120 CAD; this minimum also applies to getting a touch up on a tattoo that did not come from one of our artists.

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